Printed Workbook – Basic Handling

Basic Handling is the first of a 4-part series of workbooks mapping out the details of Training for Optimal Balance. While the skills of this course appear simple - from Catching to Trailer Loading - the important lessons from this workbook are in the quality of how Basic Handling is carried out on a daily basis. We, as horse owners, are all "trainers" whether we like it or not. The quality of handling during basic daily duties can make the difference between having a horse that is a pleasure to be around versus having a horse that is unsafe.

Horsemanship and leadership begin with the simple things; the things that matter most to your horse. The Basic Handling workbook introduces the concepts and maps out the skills for developing a Learning Frame of Mind in your horse by overcoming defensive patterns of fight and flight. Knowing how to overcome problematic behavior and cultivate a true partnership are the cornerstones of good horsemanship - no matter the breed, discipline, age or physical condition of the horse.

This 40-page book (paperback) typically ships in 5-7 days.


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