GroundWork Workbook

This is the "e-version" of  the Groundwork Workbook (PDF format) and available for immediate download.  This book is the second of a 4-part series of workbooks mapping out the details of Training for Optimal Balance. This workbook moves forward from Basic Handling by continuing to develop the Learning Frame of Mind in more complex work in order to prepare the horse for safe riding. Whether the horse is green, unstarted, difficult, physically remedial or a rescue, the skills mapped out in this workbook guide you step-by-step towards developing a safe, comfortable and healthy riding horse.  The forward was written by Dr. Gavin Scofield, founder of "Equine Postural Training" and official Osteopath for the British Endurance team.

In addition to developing the Learning Frame of Mind, the Groundwork workbook also introduces the concepts and maps out the skills for physically improving the horse. Overcoming lameness, developing a healthy, performance ready body or developing smooth, easy to ride gaits are all addressed by improving the horse's balance through groundwork. Even if the horse will never be ridden in the future, proper groundwork helps avoid serious health issues and keeps your friend active and involved well into retirement.


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