Training for

Optimal Balance

Training for Optimal Balance

Training for Optimal Balance developed as a training strategy from working with horses that most people had given up on.


Rescue horses


Difficult horses


Chronically lame horses


And horses that have “lost their value”

…  all guided the principles and various applications of training now presented in Training for Optimal Balance and its courses.

It has taken over 20 years to sort through various training theories, techniques and information about horses to put together training guidance that shares constant principles that apply to all horses and how to apply those principles in an adaptive way for each individual horse and rider.

Optimal Balance Essentials

The first step of Training for Optimal Balance where we change our entire perspective of training to understand our horses and ourselves as riders from the inside out.

All horses and all humans share common instincts and anatomy. We all contend with the laws of motion as part of daily life. Instincts, anatomy and working with the laws of motion are the essential operating systems of mind and body for both horse and rider. How we work with instincts and coordinate the anatomy during motion is what makes the difference between struggling with our horses, possibly failing, or finding ease that resolves problems and brings out the best in ourselves and our horses.

Balance is a stable point of equilibrium between dualistic forces. Optimal Balance moves beyond basic stability to maximum potential. How we manage forces in the mind affecting fluid emotional states and mental focus either develops equilibrium or puts the mind out of balance. Bodies have an inherent three dimensional mechanical structure. How the body is coordinated in motion either equalizes forces in all three dimensions, restoring optimal use of the structure, or it doesn’t.

Learning how to upgrade the inherent operating systems of mind and body from functional to optimal restores safety, enhances communication and develops the potential of every horse and every rider. The functions of the operating systems affect HOW we do whatever we do with our horses. While we can all function, poor function in the operating systems is the reason we have problems, idiopathic lameness and performance plateaus. Learning how to restore balance optimizes the functions of the operating systems.  

WHAT we do with our horses such as trail riding, dressage, jumping or ranch work, is like a software program that we choose to run on our inherent operating system. Poor function in mind and body make what we do glitchy. Trying to upgrade software on a faulty operating system rarely helps. Optimizing the operating system by understanding the blueprint of the mechanisms and ideal functions always allows smoother software functions. If we don’t understand how to directly balance the mind and body towards an optimal or ideal use, then we get by but rarely experience our true potential or the best our horses have to offer.

Topics Taught in Optimal Balance Essentials

The Essentials are what need to be in place first and then can be carried into The Basics, or part two of developing balance in mind and body, for both horse and rider.


because training is turned inside out

The Process of Change

working with internal and external forces

Horse & Rider Communication

learning the language of horses

The Learning Frame of Mind

mental and emotional balance for horse & rider

Basic Balance

physical balance for horse & rider body mechanics

The Point of Balance

balance in three dimensions at once

Equipment Explained

understanding the tools we use

Strategies for Optimal Balance

the work we do daily to develop peak technique

Optimal Balance Basics

High Balance

moving physical balance from essential to optimal

Lateral Maneuvers

internal and external lateral work


integrating internal balance with sport or work performance

Strategies for Optimal Balance

the work we do daily to develop peak technique

How to Get Started

Each horse and each rider is unique. We start where we start and work together in the easiest way possible to get changes right away and the results we seek.

The first step is to set up a Training Power Hour as a free consultation so that I can learn a bit about you and your horse. From there we can see if we are a good fit and then decide if remote learning or in person learning works for your unique situation or if training time could be helpful.

Because balance is important to every horse and rider, I work with all riding disciplines, ages and current skill levels. We work to draw out the most ideal functions of body and mind that are inherent in order to minimize risks related to riding and maximize potential. 

Learning about balance as a specific part of training is not widely available and so it has become my particular specialty. Developing balance in the mind and body is what brings out the best in every horse and every rider.

Horse Geeks Resources

You’re welcome to look through Horse Geeks Blog and video resources, or peruse Horse Geeks on my social media to get to know me more and understand the philosophies I work with before scheduling a consultation.

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