Debbie – Culpepper, VA

After reading Kirsten’s latest posts, I left for the barn with new ideas to share. It always helps to hear how much responsibility we have in our relationship with our horses.

My question to myself as I approached Cally was, Am I really listening, being a thinking rider? Really? Or do I have an agenda? Hmmm. Ponder.

Cally and I began at the trailer and I chose to put her on a long line and tie her to the opposite side of her comfort zone.

For the first time, I truly became present. No grocery list running through my head. Just present, in horse time.  I truly got a glimpse of my horse.  Her eyes were blinking and she was looking around.  Was she looking in fear and escape mode, or just looking around?  Was I aware of her needs?

I saw my horse in a much different light.  Thinking rider, I am a work in progress!

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