Remote learning means that we work primarily through video, zoom meetings, and emails. 



Training Power Hour

A FREE consultation where we can address a current issue or question

To book a Power Hour please contact me directly.

Horse Geeks Resources

FREE information on my blog or social media for remote learning.

Coaching on Demand

Private lessons with or without video through zoom meetings.

Wexford Students

Subscription-based group coaching: 

  • Private lessons
  • Weekly group meetings on zoom
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Optimal Balance Course Materials in development 

In-Person Learning is where we get to meet face to face. Availability and prices are based on location and travel time from Eustis, Florida.



Private Lessons

One hour lesson either at my farm or I travel to your farm if within 30 minutes of driving.

Group Lessons

One hour per person in the group with a minimum 2 people booked. Group lessons are an option if travel time to your farm is over 30 minutes but under 1 hour.

One person can also book 2 hours as a “group” if travel time is over 30 minutes. 

For Group Lessons where travel time is between 1-2 hours then the minimum group requirement becomes 3 people or 3 hours.


One hour per person creates a clinic slot with a minimum of 8 people or 8 slots booked per day. 

If travel time to your farm is greater than 2 hours then booking or joining a Clinic is another option for working in person. I travel all over for clinics, the prices and minimum requirement of clinic days booked depends on the travel time to your location.

Contact me for clinic availability and pricing, or view upcoming clinics on our calendar.

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