In Training

Horses in Training

Horses in Training means that your horse comes to stay with me at my farm in Eustis, Florida.

I have an open-door policy, so you are welcome to visit your horse or observe training. As the horse nears the end of training time, I encourage owners to spend several days taking lessons before the horse ships home.  


Full care horse board and intensive training time are included in package price


Requires a minimum of 1 month or for as long as you need


Special needs regarding feed, care or first aid are all included in package price

Medical expenses, supplements, equipment for care or work and farrier visits are not included.

Availability is limited for training and priority is given to students. It is important that what the horse learns in training is supported at home, so I strongly encourage a combination of learning Training for Optimal Balance in conjunction with your horse in training.

For more information about training, to discuss your training needs or to book a stall for training time, please contact me directly.

Purpose of Horses in Training

Safety Issues

 If you feel unsafe with your horse then training can bridge the gap.

Lameness Issues

If the vet has cleared the horse for work but the horse is still struggling.

Performance Issues

If the issue feels beyond your capacity to resolve.

Lay Ups

If the horse needs intensive care that you can’t provide.

Tune Ups

If you just want your horse to behave better or move better.

Saddle Training

If the horse has never been ridden before or unridden for a long time.

Wexford Farm 

Our farm is located in beautiful central Florida, near the Orlando airport.

It sits is on 5 acres with a solid, safe, 6 stall barn. Both pasture and paddocks with shelters are available for turnout. Stalls are a full 12×12 to accommodate large horses and turnout time can be specified for each individual horse. Your horse is handled with care and treated like one of my own. 

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