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Simple lessons or info to share about horses, riding and samples of what I teach.

Wing Management

Wing Management

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly” - Buckminster Fuller Cycles of Development ... from Simple to Complex back to Simple Again We all want to advance training from where we are right now. But in order to make deep, internal...

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Horse Geek Lessons

These are actual remote lessons where the student has given permission to post the lesson publicly so that many horse owners can benefit.

Horse Geeks Classroom

Hear from Horse Geeks

A log of student stories, shared from their perspective.

Posh’s Turnaround

Posh’s Turnaround

George - Baltimore, MD HOW ABOUT THE RODEO. . .? Posh arrived in Monkton, MD on a chilly November night in 2008.  She was shipped from a warm Ocala horse farm directly to a renowned breaking and training barn.  A six year old warmblood mare, green and hot but with a...

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With Try, There’s Hope

The story below came from one of my students, Laurie. Laurie has done such a great job with Annie, a rescue horse, that I asked her to write about her experience. I think she did a tremendous job and I hope you enjoy Annie’s story as much as I did through Laurie’s eyes. – Kirsten

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Horse Geek Hacks

Quick videos with tips related to horse handling, care, grooming and first aid – and any other useful bits of information related to horses. I share how I do things around my barn.

Horse Geeks Podcast

Regular interviews, discussions or presentations where we look at research, books and various theories related to horses and horse training.

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