Rider Balance on Gaited Horses


Our lesson was really awesome! The body awareness I learned seems to be what Blaze and I needed to progress. I was able to apply it yesterday at home and Brian said he has never seen Blaze move so well.

Brian’s head was really on fire Saturday, so I rode Jasper yesterday and got a few nice transitions to flatwalk with him. He also offered a trot and didn’t buck! This is all very exciting. I am becoming the rider I have always wanted to be.

Diane – Severn, MD



Finding Our Balance in the Middle of Chaos

“Everything is energy, frequency and vibration” • Nikola Tesla I had one of those epiphany moments that I wanted to share with you. Something that never sits well with me when I hear the new horse industry buzzword “biomechanics” is that what I still often see is a...

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Lessons from Prima

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Don’t Pull, Don’t Push

“Don’t pull. Don’t push” - Shi Heng Yi, Shaolin Master One of the principles of Kung Fu martial arts described by master Shi Heng Yi speaks specifically to balance. I find it is a very useful idea for us as riders so I will do my best to describe my interpretation and...

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  1. Diane Ayers

    I really like the idea of “Classically Gaited” horses. It sounds really cool, but the experience of riding a classically gaited horse is really extraordinary. My horses are more than just really smooth now, they are sensitive, responsive, strong and balanced, really a joy to ride. I have achieved that close connection they talk about in books, the connection I have always wanted. And it just keeps getting better. Thanks, Kirsten.

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