Wexford Training Facility

My training facility is at Wexford Farm , in Eustis Florida. Wexford Farm is a full-service facility on 5 acres.  It includes a 6-stall barn, tree covered arena and local paths for safe and scenic riding, with access conveniently adjacent to the farm property.  Contact me if you are interested in sending your horse or simply wish to csummer16ome visit the facility.  Overnight accommodations are available.  Please contact me directly for more information and details.

Eustis Florida is the rural area of Orlando Florida, which is 45 minutes North of the Orlando Airport and 1 hour South of Ocala.  We are located approximately 45 minutes from the Atlantic Coast.

Some of Wexford Farm upcoming events are listed below.  These events are hosted by me and/or guest clinicians.

My Featured guest clinician this winter is Jean Luc Cornille and the Science of Motion.

Jean Luc’s competitiIMG_2865_smallve career is as distinguished as it is diversified. Competing at national and international levels in dressage, steeplechase, stadium jumping and three-day events, he has won extensively in all specialties collecting several gold, silver and bronze medals. Notably, Jean Luc won the individual and team gold medal at the military world championship of Fontainebleau in 1975. In 1971, he won silver at the world championship of Punchestown. The following year, he was member of the winning team at Bokello. However, Jean Luc feels that his greatest success lies in his ability to intuit the physical and mental condition of each horse the day after their victories.

A 1968 graduate of the Equestrian Military School, Le Cadre Noir de Saumur, Jean Luc received intensive training from Joseph Neckerman, Willy Schulteis and Hans Gunter Winkler. In 1972 and 1976, respectively, he worked closely with Michel Cochenet to prepare two Olympic teams for the national three-day event. Margit Otto Crepin, the French and Olympic Champion, is one of Jean Luc’s most prominent dressage students.


Equine Imbalance

...."Many problems (of the horse) can be caused by unbalanced patterns of tension in the body"........
....."Uneven tension will often result in uneven body use, difficulty carrying a saddle and rider, stiffness generally 'through the back' or the body as a whole, behavioural problems etc..... " Gavin Scofield D.O.
Founder of Equine Postural Training &
Official Osteopath for the British Endurance team


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Jim McCleary - McCleary Photography
Christianne Gentile - True by Christianne
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Quote Of The Day

If the horse is right on his feet, he’ll be right in his head
~Ray Hunt