Video Coaching


Video coaching is private, long distance instruction for horses and riders available by the session or as a series for on-going help. VHS and DVD formats can be mailed directly or a private YouTube account can be established for the purpose of coaching. Tapes or disks are not returned unless specified and sent with return postage.

This process of coaching entails you providing a video of you and your horse and writing out a list of questions or providing information that facilitates the training. The video can be any length so that training issues can be conveyed in detail. A written response is provided for each video and on-going email support to answer questions regarding the video is also available.

Single Session:
$45.00 per video

Series: (10 or more videos)
$30.00 per video

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Equine Imbalance

...."Many problems (of the horse) can be caused by unbalanced patterns of tension in the body"........
....."Uneven tension will often result in uneven body use, difficulty carrying a saddle and rider, stiffness generally 'through the back' or the body as a whole, behavioural problems etc..... " Gavin Scofield D.O.
Founder of Equine Postural Training &
Official Osteopath for the British Endurance team


Photos Contributed by:
Jim McCleary - McCleary Photography
Christianne Gentile - True by Christianne
Sarah Wengernuk - Essence Photography

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