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These patented bands are a horse training aid made from super stretchy elastic and are designed to help a horse find better balance while working without a rider. The two adjustable front bands attach to either side of the bit on one end and are then secured to each stirrup bar on the other end. The back band attaches to the D-rings on either side of the saddle and is then lowered around the back legs of the horse where it should fit loosely just above the hocks.  Click on the picture above for an enlarged view of the  Balance Bands fitted on a horse. 

The Balance Bands are designed to actively simulate a rider’s rein and leg contact on a horse while working from the ground.  Combined with the horse’s normal saddle and bridle, the Balance Bands effectively create the feel of an experienced rider for the horse without the additional burden of carrying the rider’s weight.  This allows a horse to feel the support that a rider can provide without the restrictions of a “fixed” rein, static head position or head mechanism.  By using the Balance Bands, a horse can develop more balance and flexibility as well as enhance the muscles that aid in achieving a bio-mechanically correct collected frame with comfort and ease. The bands come in two sizes; one for Pony-to-medium size horse, and large-to-draft horse.

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Icon of Balancebands_Instructions Balancebands_Instructions (25.7 MiB) This manual is an excellent primer on " horse balance" in addition to being an instruction booklet for proper use of the Balance Bands.  It is available as a FREE download.  Note that because of the file-size, download may take a minute or longer depending on your internet connection.

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