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My gelding won’t load, my mare won’t stand still for me to mount, my pony bucks. Sound familiar? I’ve heard these complaints and many more. Almost always the behavior in a horse can be traced back to a learned reaction to certain situations.  Where did the horse learn this behavior?  From the riders or handlers in his life.  No matter what the problem, always be aware of your level of expertise and hire a professional to work with any horse that might be dangerous.  If this does sound like you, you might want to check the listing of clinics to see if there is one in your area.  I will not only help you and your horse to overcome these patterns, but show you how basic fundamentals such as paying close attention to the horse before and during the working session may give you clues that the horse is struggling.

Join one of my clinics and we will help both you and your horse to find training time more enjoyable and rewarding.

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Equine Imbalance

...."Many problems (of the horse) can be caused by unbalanced patterns of tension in the body"........
....."Uneven tension will often result in uneven body use, difficulty carrying a saddle and rider, stiffness generally 'through the back' or the body as a whole, behavioural problems etc..... " Gavin Scofield D.O.
Founder of Equine Postural Training &
Official Osteopath for the British Endurance team


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