Then & Now: A look at 3 years of progress

When I look back at these photos the changes are stunning. Storm has developed into a beautiful well balanced horse.

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Brain Storms: In the beginning

Storm & Ginny

In the beginning, as with most things, you often begin by wandering aimlessly until an action starts a chain reaction that brings you to a point in time when things converge

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How the Horse’s Spine Lifts

How a horse is supposed to “lift its back” is a topic of great confusion for many riders – at ALL levels of riding.

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Be The Horse

My horse Jasper has been working hard to change the way he walks. It is really very hard for him, more mentally than physically. He has to change the way he has been walking, learning to balance himself while shifting his weight to his hindquarters. I can see that it is hard for him, and […]

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Equine Imbalance

...."Many problems (of the horse) can be caused by unbalanced patterns of tension in the body"........
....."Uneven tension will often result in uneven body use, difficulty carrying a saddle and rider, stiffness generally 'through the back' or the body as a whole, behavioural problems etc..... " Gavin Scofield D.O.
Founder of Equine Postural Training &
Official Osteopath for the British Endurance team


Photos Contributed by:
Jim McCleary - McCleary Photography
Christianne Gentile - True by Christianne
Sarah Wengernuk - Essence Photography

Quote Of The Day

Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise from outward things, what’er you may believe. There is an inmost centre in us all, where truth abides in fullness; and around, wall up wall, the gross flesh hems it in, this perfect, clear perception-which is truth. A baffling and perverting carnal mesh binds it, and makes all error: and to know rather consists in opening out a way, whence the imprisoned splendour may escape, Than in effecting entry for a light Supposed to be without.
~Robert Browning