Jasper – The Kid

Jasper, my youngest horse at 5, is the kid around here. Jasper was sent to me by a client when he was a year and a half.

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Mic and Prima at Home

Where to begin? I have actually been really unsure what to write about other than news because I have been pummeled with lessons that are worthy of sharing – and haven’t we all?

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Are Horses Really So Different From Us?

According to scientists, when a horse is happy or in fear the chemicals produced in the body are exactly the same as with people.

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Positive vs. Negative Horse Engagement

Engagement simply means that the horse’s hindquarters have become activated and all the power, speed and agility mother nature intended for the horse is now available

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Solving Your Horse’s Problem By Introducing New Ones

The solution to horse behavior problems, often lies in introducing the opposite problem; one uncharacteristic for the horse

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Are you Riding for Fashion or Soundness?

There is sometimes a huge difference in riding positions between what is fashionable and what is bio-mechanically sound. The reality is that balance is balance is balance.

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Solving Horse Problems

Working out a relationship between a prey animal (horse) and a predator (human) is inherently challenging

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Riding a Horse with Collection

Many riders think of collection only as a frame that is created by manipulating the head and neck into an arched position

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Classical Horse Training

This type of horse training is not limited to dressage, it encompasses all Western and English riding disciplines.

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Riding a Horse is Like Riding a Bicycle

Riding a horse is like riding a bicycle when it comes to balance.

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Equine Imbalance

...."Many problems (of the horse) can be caused by unbalanced patterns of tension in the body"........
....."Uneven tension will often result in uneven body use, difficulty carrying a saddle and rider, stiffness generally 'through the back' or the body as a whole, behavioural problems etc..... " Gavin Scofield D.O.
Founder of Equine Postural Training &
Official Osteopath for the British Endurance team


Photos Contributed by:
Jim McCleary - McCleary Photography
Christianne Gentile - True by Christianne
Sarah Wengernuk - Essence Photography

Quote Of The Day

By the time you have had a relationship with a horse for a while, there are characteristics in the way the horse behaves with you and around you and responds to you that are directly (related) to some of your traits as a human being…whether it’s insecurity or aggression or fear or hate.........
~Buck Brannaman